Idle Speech

I love Britain and all things British! Judge my commitment to the cause by looking at my reading chair with handmade Union Jack cushion. Oh yes, handmade, and handmade by yours  truly. A true labour of love, don’t your think?

I love the English, the Scots, the Welsh, probably more than they love themselves. I love their humour, the way they get on with their lives without too much of a fuss (keep that stiff upper lip, dear!), I love the politeness, the self-deprecation, the sheer pleasantness of interacting with them.

I love the English language with its many facets, the way it keeps fresh and up to date, how it manages to include influences and peoples from all over the world without losing its soul, how it works today as well as it did in Shakespeare’s times.


  1. Thomas sagt:

    Aaaaaah! A bit homesick?

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