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My New York: A Look Around

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My New York – A Roof with a View

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My New York – A View from the Top

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My New York – Brooklyn Flea and Brooklyn Bridge

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My New York – Times Square and Bryant Park

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Schneller, schneller, schneller,
Schnee im Auge, Augenschnee
Schneller, schneller
Maulwurfshügel, Vorsicht aaaaaah!!!
Schneller, schneller, schneller,

Wieder rauf.
Ziehst du mir du spinnst

Wieder runter
schneller, schneller
Poporutscher, Mütze weg
Schneller, schneller

Meine Hände rotgefroren
Einmal noch und
Schneller, schneller
Brrrrrr – uuuund
Schneller, schneller, um die Wette
Noch ein letztes Mal!

I’m in a New York State of Mind

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It’s only just over two weeks until I will be travelling to New York – and I am already all excited!

It’ll be my first time in the big apple, and even my first time in the States for about 15 years. Obviously I intend to see all the famous sights – the Empire State Building, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the MOMA, Guggenheim and National History Museums, a show on Broadway, the shops etc etc etc – but I also hope to get a little feel of how the city ticks.

If I am not too jet-lagged I will try to blog as I go, so if you are interested in the project „Chris goes NYC“ check back here soon!