Don’t leave me this way!

Veröffentlicht: Januar 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Dear oh dear, he’s said it! For years I was worried he might come out with it, but I’ve kept my eyes closed and my head down, hoping he wouldn’t say anything. But now it’s out in the open, the words are said,  he has committed himself, can’t take it back!
David’s said it: the Brits might leave the EU!

It’s not a secret I am a European, not just geographically but also politically. And I love Britain and the British. And so I would be so, so sad if the Brits decided to get out of the EU. I would feel rejected by someone really cool I wanted to be friends with.

So  I am about so write something that I NEVER EVER thought I would write:
Please, dear Brits: join the recent love-in between the Bildzeitung and the Sun where both papers have expressed their appreciation for the other country and stay in the EU.You can keep your money and your border controls and your privatised railways (in fact, please do keep those!!) and you can have cucumbers as crooked as you like, but please let’s stay friends.

Pretty please…

Pretty pretty please…

Is it working? No? Well now – wait till I tell the Scots!!

PS: And yes, I do have to say things about the politics of this, but that will have to wait for another day 😉


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