After the seminar is before the seminar!

Veröffentlicht: November 5, 2012 in Idle speech
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To all intents and purposes, this year’s W-Seminar „Scotland – a proud nation“ is finsihed! The students will hand in their papers tomorrow, nobody I know of seems to have had a major breakdown, the crying and panicking levels were all within normal parameters and so all that remains for the student to do is to help me clear my bag:After all I do need room for all those weighty seminar papers!

Of course there will be the small matter of marking the papers and the presentations (where I am sure my bag come in useful again 😉 ), but I still look onwards and upwards to the seminar for the class of 2013/15.

For this seminar I have decided to break with the admittedly rather lovely tradition of combining the seminar with a field trip to an English speaking area as only a quarter of this year’s students joined my on the trip to Scotland. I can hardly justify another big excursion to the powers that be with such low attendance levels…  So next year the seminar will be called LITERATURE AND FILM. The idea of the seminar will be to look at  literary works originally published in the English language that have been made into a film. We will look at the techniques that are used when transferring a book from paper to the big screen. Finally, students will choose one book/film combination to write their paper about.

Being the consciencious teacher that you all know me for I have been to the cinema already in order to prepare. I have dutifully read Jack Kerouac’s On the Road during the summer and then watched Walter Salles‘ adaptation – not sure which I found stranger…

Then I went to see Skyfall – yes, yes, okay, I have shoehorned this into the litarary section, but the basis of all the James Bond films were Ian Fleming’s stories, honest. Oh, I am totally obsessed with Skyfall, I just loved,  loved, loved the film, and I am sure everybody can appreciate the literary angle 😉

Next on my list of films to see is Cloud Atlas, which is due to premiere the week after next. I saw the preview the other day and was angry already at what seemed a complete simplification of David Mitchell’s complex and artfull novel. We’ll see whether I will have to eat my words.

Then, just to show that I embrace popular culture as well as high culture, I will sit through what will be my first Twilight film, Breaking Dawn Part 2, due late November. In an effort to be down with the kids I read the last two novels earlier this years.
Well… Where do I even start…  Do people read this shit for pleasure? I have to admit I had to skip over the whole werewolf thing, that was just more than I could take, so maybe I should buy one of those huge buckets of popcorn to hide behind when watching the film.

So that’s the plan for now. If the fancy takes me I will report on my cinematic adventures.

What about you? Do you have any tips for great film adaptations to watch?


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