Gold for Team GB!

Veröffentlicht: September 10, 2012 in Idle speech

London 2012, the Olympics and Paralympics; are over now and I think it’s time to award the last and most important gold medal to Team GB. In this case I don’t mean the athletes (having absolutely no interest in televised sport I have watched exactly zero minutes of olympic TV coverage so I have only heard of the British athletes‘ sporting prowess – Congratulations, by the way!!).
I think a gold medal should go to Londoners, and the Brits in general for delivering the Olympics in difficult times with such dignity, honour and good humour and for making the games such a memorable experience for everyone. You guys have had a glowing press from over here – most people here are more or less secretly in love with London anyway, but this time really everybody has been touched and amazed at how well things have gone, not only as far as the official organisation is concerned but also at the great spirit with which Londoners have welcomed the world descending on their city.
I have even heard that the British like themselves a bit more now! If that is true, that must be the most marvellous outcome of London 2012! I hardly dare to mention it, but I have read reports from Scotland saying that being part of London 2012 has made them feel part of the UK more than before. I am sure many people will hate me for this, but while I love the Scottish people and admire their spirit, I have found their petulant hatred of all things English quite boring and even a bit childish. If the Games have served to bring the British nations a bit closer together, I think that would be a wonderful outcome.
And so again, Team GB: Many congratulations on what you have achieved over the last few weeks. May you be really proud of your achievements and enjoy them unequivocally!


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