Long to reign …

Veröffentlicht: Juni 3, 2012 in Idle speech

What a day! After days, if not weeks of frenzied expectation the main event of the Diamond Jubilee, the Thames River Pageant, has now passed. Of course, Teacher Chris aka The Accidental Royalist has been glued to the telly taking in the pride and the beauty, waving her little Union Jack and toasting HRH. I have even managed to indoctrinate the Teacher Chris Juniors enough to sit out the whole pageant as well! Yes, accidental royalism is a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it!

But why do I do it? Why do I get excited about an event that is not even happening in my own country? That is about a form of state that I don’t even believe in?

Well now, there are several reasons:

1. The Union Jack is a really good look!
Love the colours, love the look, love the versatility! Could you make fashion out of the German flag? History aside? Clearly not! The red and the black are ok, slightly vampire-ish look, but ok. But the yellow does not really go, does it?! Yellow and black stripes make you think of bees or wild west prison uniforms. And yellow and red? I`m all with Miranda’s mum: Don’t get emotional, we are not Spanish!

2. You have to love the enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm is not a very German thing, football and cars aside – and I am interested in neither, so I have what German  enthusiasm I possess left to devote to the Jubiliee. Would I ever enthuse about a German state occasion? Obviously not! Would I ever bake a cake in honour of the German head of state? Well, after the „luck“ we have had with our last few presidents I might bake I cake if that would enable me to never ever again hear a word of or about any of the guys! But the Queen! She is a safe bet, she is not going to resign suddenly because someone did not like her dress, she is not going to take some magnats watches and actually wear them. Moreover, she seems to be a really and truly decent person, so that is always a bonus.

3. The hand of history!

Last but not least this is going to be the last Great Jubilee I get to see in my life time. Neither Prince Charles nor Prince William will be young enough when they get to the throne to last as long as Queen Elisabeth II has. 60 years of continuity and a world that has changed so fast, that is very impressive, even if the Queen might not actually do all that much.
And although the Queen seems to be in great shape I doubt there will be a – well, what do you call a 70 year jubilee when you have already used up the diamonds?

And so congratulations to Her Majesty. May she and the royal family continue to give me as much entertainment as they have done, and may she continue to represent the England that I so love.

Happy and glorious –

but very tired now…


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