Royal wedding – the night before

Veröffentlicht: April 28, 2011 in Idle speech

Hi, it’s me again. I have spent weeks trying to make up my mind. Will I not care about the Royal wedding, because it promissed to be naff, antidemocratic and generally not worthy of the enlightened 21st century? Or do I go with the flow and enjoy the event, because a: weddings are a joyous occasion anyway and b: who could not do with a little bit of fun?

To work through my schizophrenia I have created my first youtube video

Obviously, I will be watching the event tomorrow – whether in a spirit of congratulation or condescension remains to be seen. But actually I think I will rather enjoy myself.

Of course I will blog you through the event on Facebook  and later on this page, so watch this space!

  1. Alison Darke sagt:

    I am seriously worried about you……………..not least because you are very like me 🙂 x

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