Oral tests – two done, one to go!

Veröffentlicht: April 8, 2011 in Idle speech

One of the new developments of G8 has been the introduction of oral speaking tests into the Bavarian curriculum for the modern languages. We at HKK had our first such oral test for the Oberstufe this week. In a marathon of two days I tested the whole of the year – and I am happy to say it was a success. All students got on well, with a large number gaining top grades of 13 to 15 points.

As a teacher your are of course never sure whether what you are doing will be the right thing in the end. Will the students profit from the lessons the way you predict? Will the learning experience be a sustainable one? Will they still remember stuff by the time the exams come? Will they have learned enough to be able to use English independently, and hopefully with a little joy? All these questions (and a lot more besides) always go through my head at test times, and so I allowed myself a little glow of pride seeing that all my students are now able to hold their own in a discussion, no matter what the topic.

Well, maybe they could have done without me? Do advanced students really need a teacher? Do English lessons still make a difference if you already have a good command of the language? What do you think?


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